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Healing With Authenticity

Most of us are born our beautiful authentic selves, with everything we need to develop into loving and flourishing adults. Society quickly teaches us that this is not acceptable. Little by little, we relinquish our true selves and adopt ways of being that align with our caretakers’ wishes. In time, we can feel disconnected from ourselves and others because we are no longer honoring our inner wisdom. 

Being true to our personality, values, and spirit, regardless of the pressure we are under to act otherwise, can feel challenging. It takes courage and intention. Sadly, many never find their way back home.

Reclaiming my authentic self has been a long journey with many detours. Embracing a deep love and respect for animals as the essence of who I am, allows me to co-create with the universe from a place of integrity and power. It gives me the freedom to fulfill my life’s purpose as a voice for the animals. 

Sometimes we fail to see when our pets are expressing their authentic selves. Their barking, jumping, scratching, or peeing may be a way of communicating joy, excitement, or protection. We can misunderstand the reasons for their behavior and even take it personally. Often there is a middle ground that gives our animals the freedom of self-expression while also respecting our boundaries. Communication and a willingness to explore with the intention of understanding can make all the difference here.

Healing With Respect

Love Animals by Addressing Climate Change


Thoughts, feelings, and actions all impact what we create in our world. The energy we hold in our bodies also affects what we manifest in our physical surroundings. I often write about the healing power of love. While love is a powerful healing force, I did not realize until recently that love has a companion that can propel it forward and bring about transformation – respect.


Healing With Faith

We all face moments or periods when we feel lost or question our purpose. It often hits me during transitions when the universe is stringing together opportunities that are not yet visible. The experience is that of being in a void. It can feel challenging to withstand without moving to a place of frustration or despair. During a recent shift in my life, a feathered friend reminded me to have trust and faith.


Healing With Integrity

I spent Earth Day talking with the animals. Usually, when I communicate about a particular topic, there are noticeable differences in the responses I receive from individual beings. When it comes to our current world experience, all of nature is on the same leaf and relaying a consistent message. Healing Corona is about more than just curing a virus and it can only be healed with love.


Healing With Corona

In each moment, choose Love over fear

Over the past few days, my anxiety had started to mount, so I decided I would immerse myself in nature. Quiet alone time has always been my way of calming and centering myself. Since embracing my ability to communicate with animals and nature, I find strength, perspective, and wisdom in connecting with these beings. Unencumbered by human fear, they get to the heart of the matter and access the highest truth.