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Let the Healing Begin

As a professional Animal Communicator and Coach, I communicate telepathically with animals and coach Animal Lovers, Veterinarians, other Pet Professionals, and Nature Enthusiasts.

I guide distraught pet parents through emotional challenges with their pets and help them navigate illness, aging, grief, and loss. Through this process, people develop a deeper connection with their animals and often experience gratitude and peace. I communicate with all species and those who have passed over.

Infusing this same animal wisdom into my Coaching allows for transformation with the ease and efficiency of nature. Animal~Nature Inspired Coaching teaches strategies for adapting to transition as naturally as the animal kingdom. Stressed Animal Lovers, Veterinarians, other Pet Professionals, and Nature Enthusiasts learn to navigate life challenges and experience confidence and fulfillment in their personal and professional lives. Pet Loss Coaching supports pet parents as they grieve the loss of their beloved pets. Veterinary Coaching helps Veterinarians navigate the unique challenges of their work.

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Emotional challenges with your Pet can be “Healing Catalysts” and offer opportunities for Healing with Animals. My Animal Communication sessions are over the phone so you can talk from the comfort of your home. I am able to get a clearer sense of what is going on with you and your pet, without the visual and interpersonal distractions that can arise in person. Once I have the name and species of your animal, I tune in and telepathically connect with your pet, who may communicate using any number of the senses – images, sounds, smells, tastes…I think of myself as a translator for you and your pet.

How I Communicate with Animals 

Pet Wellness Session

I help worried pet parents explore options and make health decisions with their sick or aging pet, from a place of clarity and respect.

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Pet Grief Session

I help grieving pet parents reconnect with their pet who has passed over and experience serenity and grace.

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Missing Pet Session

I help frantic pet parents remain calm and focused so they can listen to directions from their pets.

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“Initially, I was hesitant about whether Animal Communication was real or not. Jill has spoken with my pets, both living and crossed over, many times. Each cat and dog revealed feelings, thoughts, and ideas that were unique to their personalities. I wasn’t prepared for the truly unconditional way they love their families.

We are very grateful to Jill for her non-judgmental help in allowing my pets’ voices to be heard, problems to be solved, and ultimately to know that my loved ones are happy across the rainbow bridge. When Blue died suddenly, I was so upset to lose him. I was so grateful to hear from him that he has gone to a beautiful place and is happy and sending a lot of love. It meant the world to me!”

Pam M, New York, NY    


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