Sunday, October 1, 2023 

10 am to 4 pm

Under the Dome

Beach 94 Street & Shore Front Parkway 

Rockaway Beach, NY 11693 

Rockaway’s annual celebration of our relationships with animals will feature ways to live in harmony with animals and help them on the spot, labyrinth peace walks, a pet memorial, a donation drive, and a tribute to farm animals. Contact [email protected] to volunteer, participate, or donate.  

What To Expect at ANIMAL ROCK 2023:

· Pet Memorial Board to post photos of pets who have passed. Bring photos of your beloved pets.

· Donation Drive of clean towels, sheets & blankets, unopened pet food & new/lightly used toys & supplies for animals at Animal Care Centers of NYC. Cash donations are also welcome and will be used to purchase items for the animals at the shelters. 

· Labyrinth Animal Peace Walks for adults, children, and dogs. Love Strolls for adults to send loving energy to animals in distress, Labyrinth Gallops for children to walk through the eyes of the animal kingdom, and Canine Trots so pet parents can experience a new way of relating to their animal companions. 

· Links to Rescue Animals available for adoption and foster at Animal Care Centers of NYC

· Opportunity to Advocate for animals on the spot to Oppose the EATS Act and Ban Wildlife Killing Contests

 ·Tribute to Farm Animals and Information about Factory Farming and resources for eating a more plant-based diet for World Farmed Animals Day

· Ways to Understand & Deepen Your Connection with Animals 

· And More!

The Media Roars About ANIMAL ROCK


“Celebrating Rockaway’s Animals”

by Dan Guarino of THE ROCKAWAY TIMES


Celebrate Animals And Nature in Harmony at ANIMAL ROCK 2023″

by Paula DiGioia in The Glorified Tomato Column of THE WAVE


PR LOG Press Release



“We can honor animals and shift how we relate to them by making conscious choices in our everyday activities. Each change we make has an impact. As we engage in compassionate action on behalf of animals, our lives will transform, and our planet will begin to heal.”

~Jill Lauri~



More Information about Animal Rock 2023 is On the Way So Check Back


Join Us and Rock With the Animals!


Thank you for hydrating the Volunteers & Dogs at Animal Rock.

Check out their Vegan Food Options!



Animal Rock 2022 Was a Howl!

The money raised through the ANIMAL ROCK Event Raffle was donated to PeTA’s “Stop Animal Testing” Challenge. PeTA surpassed their goal, unlocking a $500,000 match. The more than $1 Million raised will go towards modernizing research and ending the suffering of dogs, cats, mice, monkeys & other animals who are tormented in archaic experiments.  

Together we can create a world where nonhuman animals are treated with respect, love & compassion!

We had a Beautiful Day Celebrating our Relationships with Animals at ANIMAL ROCK! It was a Multi-Species Event. Humans, Dogs, Cats, and even Monarch Butterflies and Whales joined the festivities!

Read All About It

Animal Rock Back On The Rock

Photos Taken By Dan Guarino

Facebook Event Page

Free Tickets

A celebration of our relationships with animals. Information on ways to help animals, raffle prizes, animal blessings, pet adoption referrals, dog treats, and more!

Animals Leap Onto PETPIX World

Jill talks with Vasi Siedman about ANIMAL ROCK.

Animals Roar at the PALS Show

Jill discusses ANIMAL ROCK with Tommy D & Valerie.

Welcome to ANIMAL ROCK!

Interfaith Chaplain, Rev. Dr. Eleni Marudis, Services with Love.

[email protected]

Thank You for Supporting Animals!


Bigotry begins when categories such as race, age, gender, disability, sexual orientation, or species are used to justify discrimination.

NY Marine Rescue Center

Responders for sick or injured seals, sea turtles, dolphins, porpoises, and small-toothed whales, and maintain the only marine mammal and sea turtle rehabilitation center in New York State. 24-Hour Strandling Hotline: 631-369-9829

Beautiful Sunsets are Nature's Gifts

American Littoral Society

Promotes the study and conservation of marine life and habitat, protects the coast from harm, and empowers others to do the same.


Raffle Prizes & Treats

Animal Communication & Animal~Nature Inspired Coaching Sessions, Pet Nutritional Products, Leashes & Accessories, Pet Portrait, Dog Training Sessions, Jewelry, T-Shirt for Animal Lovers, On-Line Pet Photography Courses, and Animal-Friendly Books.

Mara’s Ice Cream Parlor & Thai ROCK offered special treats for ANIMAL ROCK attendees on the day of the Event. 

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Life On My Canvas

Lisa Corradi, Owner & Artist of Custom Fine Art.


The bond between animal lovers is incredibly strong.

PetPIX World Group

The top go-to virtual community center uniting pet lovers, pet business owners & supporting pet charity organizations.

DogLogic Dog Training

Lyn Richards Pawlowski, Dog Trainer.

Staci Lynn’s Jewelry

If you can Dream it. She can Create it.

The Elephant and Children’s Land Story

Wisdom from the Elephants.

Mara’s Ice Cream Parlor

Mara’s Vegan Strawberry Ice Cream is Exceptional!


Thai ROCK’s Vegetarian Duck is my personal favorite!

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