Animal Legislation

Animal Legislation

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NYC Council

  Intro 4 – End the Sale of Guinea Pigs in NYC Pet Stores

Update – The Bill Has Passed

A Big Paws Up to NYC Council

Intro 573 – Ban Horse Carriages in NYC 

Allowing guinea pigs to be purchased from pet stores in NYC leads to rapid reproduction and population booms. The city shelters are overflowing and struggling to keep up with the intake. This law will promote adoption and ease the strain on overburdened shelters. It will make it less likely that guinea pigs will be abandoned and exposed to predators and the elements in city parks.

Horses are injured and die too often while working in the NYC carriage industry. These horses receive improper care, are neglected, and are malnourished. The recent incident with Ryder is not the first such accident we have seen in NYC, and unless horse carriages are banned, it likely will not be the last. This legislation will provide good union jobs with fair pay and benefits for the drivers.

Contact Your NYC Council Member and Ask them to Co-Sponsor


Thank You

Governor Hochul

For Signing Into Law

  A4283/S1130 – Puppy Mill Pipeline Act 

A5653-B/S4839-B – Cruelty-Free Cosmetics Act

Puppy mills make money by producing large numbers of puppies, kittens, and bunnies in cruel conditions. These out-of-state breeders send their animals to New York via middle parties who ship them to pet stores. We will shut down this pipeline by ending the sale of these animals in stores.

Animals deserve better than to die for our cosmetics. There is no reason for cosmetics chemical testing to be conducted on innocent animals. This Law will prohibit the sale of cosmetic products that involve new animal testing.

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