There is power in living in a state of Heart and Brain Coherence. While our thoughts occupy our minds, our feelings are the domain of our hearts. When our minds and hearts are in sync, we can create opportunities beyond what we have imagined.

While our minds may have good intentions, feelings attached to old experiences can keep us tethered to our past. Rather than exploring new possibilities, we repeat old patterns and perpetuate our current life. The way to break this cycle is to consciously choose new feelings which give rise to new thoughts that result in new experiences. Through meditation, we can teach our bodies how to do this.

Animals naturally live in a coherent state. They respond to an external stimulus and quickly move beyond it once the outside force is gone. The Animal Kingdom offers a powerful model for adapting to change with curiosity and grace. They have a lot to teach us if we are willing to listen.

Healing With Coherence
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