Healing With The Queen

You can feel the unrest in the air. The transformation has begun. It is our only hope for the survival of the human species. While this may sound extreme or even a bit dramatic, humans have brought life on this planet to the brink of extinction.

The animals understand how high the stakes are. They have been watching us destroy nature for centuries. They have been targets of the institutions we have designed that treat them with cruelty and indifference. They have borne witness to the massacre of members of our own species.

The Queen of the Jungle feels no malice towards humans. She feels sad and disappointed at how we have strayed so far off course. Bewilderment at how we have misdirected our intellect and built societies on a foundation of greed and fear.

Animals of many species have begun to volunteer to wake us up, sometimes putting themselves in harm’s way. They desire to awaken us from our fog of denial of the damage humans have inflicted on ourselves and other species. If we are wise enough to follow their lead, we can create a new world rooted in peace and love.

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