I recently met a Sperm Whale Named Juliet. She arrived at the shores of Rockaway to leave her physical body. With such a massive physical presence, it was easy to focus on what the human eye observed. There was a greater purpose for her visit here. Like many animals, Juliet arrived with a loving heart and a desire to spout wisdom and healing.

Juliet came to remind us that creation often begins with breaking down. Sometimes we need to release what is old, worn out, or not working before we can rebuild and design something greater. While nonhuman animals know this instinctively and accept breakdowns, humans tend to resist this cycle. We focus on momentary destruction without seeing the light on the horizon.

Many of us are in a place of breakdown in our individual lives. Our human societies are in flux, with destruction and darkness sweeping our planet. While we can get caught up in gloom and fear of this, another option is to choose to look beyond what our senses show us. When we experience breakdowns in our hearts, filtered through compassion, we can see the beautiful possibilities we can create out of the rubble.

Healing With Breakdown
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