Getting attached to strong emotions during the Holidays can disrupt our sense of peace. We may get caught up in the glitter or lost in the sadness that can arise during the Holiday Season. Entering this time of year with a spirit of non-attachment will serve you well.

When we get carried away with the glitz of the Holidays, we can miss out on simple pleasures like gratitude and grace. Check in with yourself throughout the day and connect to how you are feeling. What emotions are driving your actions and behavior? Are you grounded in love for yourself and others?

While the Holiday Season can usher in excitement and joy, it can also bring sorrow and despair. Recent or even distant losses can hit us front and center. When those feelings arise, be with them with gentleness and acceptance. Release any judgment about these emotions or yourself for experiencing them.

With a plan in place, you can create a Holiday Season that honors who you are. You can set a conscious intention for what you want to experience during your Holiday Season. You might share special moments with those you love, feel a sense of peace, or remember those you have lost with tenderness. Let your Holidays be whatever you need them to be this year.


Healing With Holiday Intention
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