Healing With Sharks

Animals who come into our lives arrive with wisdom to share and lessons to teach us. It is true of the warm and cuddly companions we live with and those we avoid. Often the creatures we fear or reject offer a path to healing and transformation.

Sharks are one of the animals onto which we project our fear and darkness. Shark “feeding frenzies” are mild compared to some human behavior. Sharks invite us to look within and explore the parts of ourselves that we often disown.


Healing With Transformation

So much on our planet is in a state of breakdown. Everywhere we look, we see facets of dark energy revealing themselves. If we do not stay conscious, we can move to a place of despair.

Current conditions present us with opportunities for breakthroughs. If we stay grounded in love and possibility, we can bring darkness and fear into the light. While not difficult, it requires awareness, commitment, and deep listening.


Healing With Authenticity

Most of us are born our beautiful authentic selves, with everything we need to develop into loving and flourishing adults. Society quickly teaches us that this is not acceptable. Little by little, we relinquish our true selves and adopt ways of being that align with our caretakers’ wishes. In time, we can feel disconnected from ourselves and others because we are no longer honoring our inner wisdom.