Animals who come into our lives arrive with wisdom to share and lessons to teach us. It is true of the warm and cuddly companions we live with and those we avoid. Often the creatures we fear or reject offer a path to healing and transformation.

Sharks are one of the animals onto which we project our fear and darkness. Shark “feeding frenzies” are mild compared to some human behavior. Sharks invite us to look within and explore the parts of ourselves that we often disown.

While each individual is unique, Sharks tend to be grounded in a deep knowledge of who they are. From their perspective, many human fears are irrational and arbitrary, based on ignorance or misunderstanding. While humans often fear the unknown, Sharks approach novel territory with curiosity and confidence.

You may think this is easy for Sharks because of their physical attributes. A Shark’s real power comes from knowing its internal strength. The same is true for humans. We have capabilities beyond what most of us ever utilize or even realize.

What if we were to shift our energy from fearing or harming Sharks to learning from them? How might our world change if we approached all species in this way? Can you imagine people responding to others of different genders, races, and nationalities with this wider lens of interest and openness? Our Shark Mentors want this for us. With their help, we can create an expansive and brave new world.

Healing With Sharks
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