Our Relationships with our Pets have the Power to Heal


Healing is possible in every facet of our relationship with our Pets – even their Names.  Have you ever thought about the significance of your Pets’ Names – for you and for them?


The first Animal I adopted as an adult was a beautiful retriever-shepherd mix.  She weighed 31/2 pounds when I brought her home.  In the 8 1/2 years we spent together, she gave me the opportunity to experience joy, laughter, fear, pain and grief. This enriched both of our lives and deepened our connection. It is no surprise that at 6 weeks old, I named her “Misty”.  To this day, when I hear the word “misty”, I am moved to tears by the range of raw emotion that it stirs in me.

About 6 months after Misty passed over, I found myself drawn to the cages of rescued cats at a local pet store.  I stopped by on a number of occasions, until one day I returned home with a “foster cat”.  She was a beautiful tiger striped kitty, with a white nose and white paws.  She reawakened a piece of my heart and renewed my sense of purpose.  Is it any wonder that a few weeks later I officially adopted her and named her “Hope”?  While it may have seemed as though I rescued her, in reality she saved me.  By my acceptance of this gift from her, Hope was able to fulfill her mission here.

Not long after I adopted Hope, once again I found myself drawn to the same set of cages. There I met the most handsome cat pawing at me through his cage.  He was gray & white, with beautiful piercing green eyes and long eyelashes.  Rescued as a kitten, he was raised with 2 older feline brothers.  After the couple split up, they brought all 3 cats back to the original rescuer.  He cried continuously, when I carried him home as a “foster”.  It did not take long for me to fall in love.  Since he had already lost his home and his family, I decided that I would give him 2 things – a forever home & a forever name.  He was and would always be “Frankie”.

After Frankie came Spirit, Passion, Destiny, Jessie and Suzie Q.  Each arrived with a unique story and their own individual gifts.  Some are still physically present, while others have passed over.  They will always be with me in spirit and their Names will forever be engraved on my heart.

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Healing With A Name
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