Healing With A Vote


Written by Jill Lauri

NYC Council Bans Wild and Exotic Animals from Circuses
Free At Last

Last week’s Vote by the NYC Council to pass Intro.1233-A, banning Wild and Exotic Animals from Circuses in NYC, did not go unnoticed by the Animal Kingdom. They send us a Roaring Paws Up!  It is a big leap towards acknowledging that Animals have a right to live free of abuse. This has ramifications for Animals, Humans, and our Planet.


Healing With A Roar


Lions deserve to Live Free from Captivity and Abuse
King of the Jungle


Animals can Heal us in many ways. Sometimes it is the animals that we call our pets who challenge us to be our best. Other times it is those we see from a distance, who offer us the potential for Growth and Healing. In that spirit, let me introduce you to a particular group of animals.