NYC Council Bans Wild and Exotic Animals from Circuses
Free At Last

Last week’s Vote by the NYC Council to pass Intro.1233-A, banning Wild and Exotic Animals from Circuses in NYC, did not go unnoticed by the Animal Kingdom. They send us a Roaring Paws Up!  It is a big leap towards acknowledging that Animals have a right to live free of abuse. This has ramifications for Animals, Humans, and our Planet.

Countless Animals will now be spared lives of bondage. They are most relieved for their young and future generations, who will now be free to enjoy lives in their native environments. These Animals will be able to roam and bask in the sun, rather than perform unnatural acts under the threat of violence.

The Animals realize that the NYC Ban will also impact Human Beings. They understand that it takes bravery and integrity for people to acknowledge that they have been behaving in ways that cause harm and take corrective action to change this. The Animals are howling with gratitude and pride!

This Planet is at a crossroads. We have trampled on Nature and depleted our resources.  If we are to save the Earth and all of its inhabitants, we need to make serious changes. The NYC Council Vote demonstrates our ability to evolve. Extending mercy to both ourselves and others fortifies us and shifts the legacy that we leave behind. One day we will be able to tell our children about the strength of the human spirit and how we saved the Earth with fierce compassion, courage, and honor.

Healing With A Vote
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