Healing With The Moment

It can be challenging to be in the moment while in a human body. There are many distractions – ideas about the past, future, judgment, guilt. We can get lost in this barrage of noise in our heads.

Being in the presence of Animals can help us shut this down. When my head is racing, I try to go out into Nature. This morning, I met a screeching Squirrel. He was so happy to be alive and free, taking each moment as it came. The pleasure he was experiencing just running along the fence made me smile.

As I continued on my walk, I noticed a flock of birds gliding along the bay. The Birds were grooming themselves and swimming. They were content being in the moment and enjoying life. Everything seemed so simple.

While our minds may want to explain the reasons we need to focus on our thoughts, the truth is that we can choose to prioritize our peace of mind. We can decide not to buy into the human frenzy and opt for a life rooted in freedom, tranquility, and joy. We do this like everything else, one moment at a time.