Healing With The Birds

Birds Celebrating and Valuing Life

Last Sunday was a perfect day to kayak on Jamaica Bay. The sky was clear, the water was calm and the birds were celebrating life.  When we went ashore across the bay, I felt myself drawn to a flock of white birds out on the water. In that moment, I remembered what one of my spiritual teachers had once told me. While I cannot recall the actual quote, the idea was that when you are at a place of peace within, animals sense this and feel completely safe in your presence.


Recently I had been working on healing old fear/anger and creating greater peace in my world. This seemed like the perfect opportunity to see where I was at in my process. So I got into the water and slowly inched my way towards the birds. With each step forward, I checked in and consciously chose love and peace. Rather than just opting in for experiencing these qualities, I was intending to “be” love and peace.        

Much to my delight, the birds stayed where they were and invited me closer. I continued forward towards them until I reached the point that felt right. After all, I still have some more work to do to maintain the embodiment of love and peace. I have faith that it will come in divine timing.  

As for what the birds told me. They said that they enjoy people using and enjoying the bay. While they do not mind the quieter boats, they do not like the large power boats. They commented that while the water is much cleaner than it used to be, we still have more work to do on it. Like me, like all of us, Jamaica Bay is a work in progress.  

The birds reminded me that we are at a tipping point on this planet. Our past decisions have created our reality and the choices we make today will have ripple effects throughout the universe. It is important that we choose wisely and compassionately.

4 thoughts on “Healing With The Birds”

  1. I really like this posting, Jill. I feel more peaceful after reading it.

  2. Thank you Jill for your inspiration and just being human. I am headed towards the same peace mind, body, soul and outward.

    Life is for all of us not just the birds. Lol I do not like the noise either.

    Peace be with you,


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