We all face moments or periods when we feel lost or question our purpose. It often hits me during transitions when the universe is stringing together opportunities that are not yet visible. The experience is that of being in a void. It can feel challenging to withstand without moving to a place of frustration or despair. During a recent shift in my life, a feathered friend reminded me to have trust and faith.

It was about 4 pm on a weekday, and I was engaged in busy work at home. I decided to take a walk down to the beach to clear my head. As I stepped onto the beach, I noticed a bird walking on the sand. I looked down and saw that he had webbed feet. I wondered what species he was. A Duck was the first bird that came to mind when I thought of webbed feet, but he wasn’t a Duck. I quickly let go of those thoughts when I noticed him struggling to fly. I was unclear about whether he wanted help, so I decided to go back home and return to check on him.

In a little while, I headed back towards the ocean with a large beach towel in hand, so I could scoop him up if he wanted assistance. As I proceeded back towards the sand, my new winged friend was waiting for me. He had walked away from the ocean and had almost reached the boardwalk.

As I approached him, he headed back onto the sand. He walked towards the dunes and flew a short distance on top of a small mound. At that moment, I did what I often do when I encounter a sick or injured animal. I asked my spiritual guides to heal him so that he could fly. An instant later, he lifted his wings on both sides of his body and took flight high above the beach.

While my mind came up with “rational” explanations for what I had just experienced, I knew the greater truth was that his recovery was due to spiritual forces. I let myself rest in that space and felt a wave of gratitude swell throughout my whole body. At that moment, nothing else existed except for a deep sense of love, awe, and appreciation.

Once I knew he was safe, I began to wonder about my encounter with my latest winged teacher. As I talked with him, the reason for our meeting became clear. His presence was an affirmation that I was on the right path and an encouragement to continue on the journey. As I embraced the message, I felt a sense of joy and peace moving throughout my being.

Healing With Faith
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