Healing With Delightful Duality

Delight Offers A Lesson in Self-Love

My mentor, Maia, recently sent me this beautiful picture of her horses, Delight and Delight. The larger one of the two recently passed over. As I admired the image of their physical bodies, Delight explained to me that his duality was a Gift – a Lesson in Self-Love. Delight’s older form was able to nurture his younger companion in the same way that we can comfort and teach our inner child.

This duality exists in each of us. On the exterior, we may appear to be confident, responsible, and successful. At the same time, we carry an inner child with old wounds and psychic pain from past experiences. This young one needs acknowledgment and reassurance. If we ignore the cries, we experience a struggle in our lives that reflects this internal conflict. When we give our inner self attention, we are able to move cohesively in the world and find a sense of peace and joy.

Through “Delight’s Duality”, he could see from a bird’s-eye view and take in the big picture. He was able to appreciate himself from another perspective. Delight experienced the wonder of his existence.

Human minds can be so busy and judgmental. Most of us are hardest on ourselves. We focus on things that do not matter and get caught up in a whirlwind of negative self-talk. When we take a look from an outside vantage point, we see how Amazing we truly are!    

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