Healing With A Whimper


Animals respond to our emotions.


Our pets are extremely sensitive to our emotional states.   They flourish when we are in a loving, generous, relaxed place.  When we are feeling angry, stressed or sad, they sometimes “act out” in response.  This offers us the opportunity to look at ourselves and make shifts that lead to greater joy and peace.


My pets react to my anxiety.   When one of them whimpers, after checking to make sure that he (she) is not in distress, I check in with myself.  Their whimpering has come to be a wonderful reminder to take a few deep breaths and center myself.  There is no reason for me to feel guilty about my impact on them, they are happy to facilitate my healing.

Someone recently contacted me about a new kitten who has been attacking the older cat.  I was not surprised to learn that the woman has been experiencing health problems and stress in her life.  The kitten is frightened by this woman’s strong fear based emotions and is lashing out at the other cat defensively, as a result.  Her older cat internalizes the woman’s emotions and tends to become lethargic.

These family dynamics offer the potential for healing for the woman, as well as her two cats.  As the woman takes steps to create a greater sense of calm, her health will likely improve.  The kitten will feel safer and more secure, and be less inclined to lash out at the older cat.  The older cat will feel more energized and accepting of the kitten.  The kitten’s behavior has drawn attention to the emotional imbalance in the household and offers the opportunity for Healing With Animals.

4 thoughts on “Healing With A Whimper”

  1. I agreed with your piece. I recently broke my ankle and my dogs response has been ambivalence. When she first saw me walk into the house with crutches her response was to bark at me. Later she just rubbed herself against me.

    1. Luis, your dog adores you. What you experienced as ambivalence were different facets of her love for you. Her barking came from concern and protection over you; rubbing against you was her way of offering comfort and support. Both expressions of her deep love for you – a powerful source of healing for each of you.

      1. Thank you,I truly believe that this will help me to be increasing opened and supportive to her needs and to the growth of our relationship.

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