Healing With A Love Letter


Celebrate the Love You Feel for Your Pet

To My Beloved,

On this Special Day, please know how much I Love You and that I want you to be Happy and Care Free. I was sent to be with you, to help you, to open your Heart and show you Unconditional Love. 

Please be kind and gentle with yourself and allow yourself to see what I see in you – your capacity for Love, Generosity and Compassion. It is safe for you to share these qualities, not just with me, but with the World. Know that as you expand and grow, I will be right here beside you, supporting you and Loving you.      

Thank you for your Love, your Companionship and your Kindness. Thank you for your Trust and willingness to let me into your Heart. It has been an Honor to share my life with you. I will be with you Always.


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5 thoughts on “Healing With A Love Letter”

  1. To my darling Rocy who had to leave me to be with Daddy & Tasha last September 27- and to my first wonderful girl Tasha- You are both always in my heart. I love you both immensely and hope you’re happy with each other and Daddy in Heaven now. Give Daddy lots of love, purrs & kisses and head-bunks.

    One day I hope to see you all again, and it will be the happiest day of my life. I love you all.

  2. I LOVE this message Jill! Thanks so much for being the voice for animals and sharing from them what is so important for us to hear!

    With love & gratitude,

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