Healing With Corona

In each moment, choose Love over fear

Over the past few days, my anxiety had started to mount, so I decided I would immerse myself in nature. Quiet alone time has always been my way of calming and centering myself. Since embracing my ability to communicate with animals and nature, I find strength, perspective, and wisdom in connecting with these beings. Unencumbered by human fear, they get to the heart of the matter and access the highest truth.

As I walked along the beach, glancing over at the ocean, Mother Nature came to me with a strong message of hope and possibility. She urges us to “choose Love” over fear – for ourselves and others – human, anima, and nature. In each moment, we can self-reflect and ask the following question: “What would Love do now?” When we act from this state, we experience first-hand that Love is the most powerful force in the universe.

As I pondered Mother Nature’s message, I sensed another presence – the Corona Virus. Corona shared that he has come to offer humanity a strong wake-up call – an opportunity to enact changes that are necessary to save life on our planet. While Corona urges us not to underestimate his power, he also encourages us to release our fear. Once we shift the energy by embodying Love, he will gladly transform into a new life form that nurtures and support us.

As for the Animal Kingdom, the animals want us to know that they are here for us. They are holding faith that the resilience of the human spirit will move us through our current challenges and we will reconnect to our core of kindness and compassion. Rather than nurturing feelings of helplessness, the animals invite us to think about what we can do individually and collectively to create a world in which all life thrives. Together we can take the actions needed to transform our world.

12 thoughts on “Healing With Corona”

  1. Jill, thank you for this message. I had to have a Pet Scan yesterday, and I am always nervous with that because of my claustrophobia. However, for the past day I had been communicating with Asha, the elephant in the zoo in India, and I told her stories while I was in the Pet Scan. She saw me through by listening with love. I have been sending her flowers. She wanted sunflowers and violets. Because she is lonely, she wants to be told stories, so I’ve been introducing her to some of the places where I lived years ago, taking her on a trip to New York City. We are keeping a circle of love going, inviting cats that she really likes, to visit. We do need to keep the circle of love going in our society as well. I have wonderful friends and neighbors who are offering to help. Since I’m 93 and my daughter 73, we’re at risk and trying to stay at home as much as possible. Please stay safe.

    Much love, Patricia

    1. Thank you for your love of all living beings, Patricia! You play an important role in the circle of love. Sending you love and wonderful health.

      1. Thank you, Jill. You are spreading understanding and love to the animal world and nature that is now getting a chance to emerge. Did you see that wonderful photo of the dolphins capering in the now clear canals in Venice?

        1. My pleasure! This is a time for the things that really matter to emerge – love, compassion and kindness. Thanks for the flipper up on the dolphins!

  2. Thanks for sharing this. I can totally see this as a wake-up call, and it is definitely getting the entire world’s attention. We are learning that we can make changes — and quickly!

  3. Hello Jill,

    Thank you for your wonderful words of wisdom
    and bringing awareness to us all!
    Keep shinning that bright light!
    Having compassion and kindness for all – including animals, plants and our earth.

    Thank you,

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