Animal Communication

How Jill Communicates with Animals 

Animal Communication Phone Sessions

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Animal Wisdom

Animals offer us unconditional love and have wisdom to share.  They live in the moment and are aligned with the natural order of the universe.  We sense that and are drawn to them from the core of our beings.   The love and trust runs deep and because of that we are able to be our true selves with these amazing beings.

Animal Communication

We can learn from our pets, if we are open and willing to listen.  Animals vibrate at a higher energy frequency, so we need to get quiet and listen with our hearts.  Communication from our pets can be very subtle. It can come in the form of a “gentle knowing”.  For example, a thought or idea may arise and you realize that it is not your own.  Emotions like fear and anger get in the way of us hearing their messages.  Meditation is one way to clear out these feelings.

We do not even have to open our mouths for our pets to understand us.  The fact that they do not follow our wishes, does not mean that they do not comprehend our messages to them.  Animals have free will and may choose not to respond in the way that we want for a variety of reasons.   Jill can help you to see the bigger picture and deepen the bond between you.

Animal Communication with Jill
Puppy shares secrets about Animal Intuition
Slow Down & Listen to Me

In Jill’s Animal Communication and Healing sessions, she helps you understand your pet and create a healing space for both of you.  Challenges with your pet can be the opening to deep healing and soul growth.  With skill and empathy, Jill guides you to create your own unique path with your pet. 

Animal Communication & Healing Sessions are over the phone, so you can talk from the comfort of your home with your pet.  Jill is able to get a clearer sense of what is going on with you and your pet via phone, without the visual and interpersonal distractions that can arise in person. She talks with all species of animals and those who have passed on.

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