Pet Loss

Thinking about Pet Loss
Cat shows how to let go when faced with Pet Loss
Taking a Few Deep Breaths

When faced with losing a pet, we may hold on so tightly that we interfere with the natural life flow and the healing process. It can be difficult to think clearly. We may feel pressured to make a decision and concerned about making the right choice.

When pet loss seems possible, we often judge ourselves.  While full of love for our pet, we do not extend compassion to ourselves.  Self- compassion is one of the greatest lessons our pet can teach us.

It is in these moments that we can benefit from pausing and taking a few deep breaths. When we sit quietly and listen, we gain greater clarity. We come to know what is right for us and our pet. Meditation helps us get to that quiet place inside.

Some people choose to use a hospice model in caring for their sick animal. This allows the pet to die at home with the people/animals that he (she) loves. Family members are able to honor the relationship as they let go. Jill understands the challenges that this arrangement presents and can support you and your pet through the process. 

To My Beloved Animals,

Some of you have shared your lives with me as members of my family. Others have come for a brief time to heal. Many of you arrived so that you could pass on surrounded by love and peace. Thank you for the unconditional love, deep healing and profound wisdom. I will forever carry you with me in my heart and soul.

Grief Over Pet Loss

Grieving pet loss is a non-linear process. There are emotional curves along the way. Feelings may shift from moment to moment. There are no shortcuts. The only way to move beyond the grief is to allow the experience to unfold.

People are sometimes surprised at how deeply they feel the loss of a pet and wonder how long it will take to get over the grief. The truth is that it takes as long as it takes. The more we allow ourselves to experience our full range of emotions (love, sadness, guilt, anxiety, fear, anger, numbness, loneliness, overwhelm, confusion…), the more smoothly and fully we move through our process.

With time and patience, we come to feel less raw inside and there is more room for our loving memories to comfort us. We weave experiences with our pet and the loss into our whole being. While our pet’s physical body may perish, the love that we share lives on forever.

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