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Love Pets & Heal

Dogs & Cats remind us why we Love Pets

Partners in Healing



We Love Pets

We Love Pets.  Our relationships with them are special and intimate.  They offer us Unconditional Love.   We are able to be our true selves with these amazing beings.  They truly are “our best friends” and “soul mates.”




Pets & Healing

Our Pets are our partners “in sickness and in health”.  These deep bonds create the possibility for Healing and Soul Growth.  A physical or behavioral symptom, and in some cases the loss of the Pet, can act as a “Healing Catalyst.”  It tells us that something needs attention.   It is an invitation and presents an opportunity for Healing.

Given the intensity of our relationships with our Pets, we often experience anxiety when an issue arises between us.   Whether the challenge is behavioral or health related, this may cause us to react in ways that block Healing.   When calm and peaceful, we are better able to understand the meaning of the symptoms and make wise decisions about how to proceed.

Animal Communication

Animal Communication is easier than you may think.   Animals vibrate at a higher energy frequency, so we need to get quiet and listen with our hearts.  Emotions like fear and anger can get in the way.  We can learn from our Pets, if we are open and willing to listen.

Animals have Wisdom to share.  They are able to be in the moment and connect to the natural order of the universe.  We sense that and are drawn to them from the core of our beings.

This is a spiritual journey of the Heart and Soul.  I invite you to join me in speaking the truth about how much we Love Pets.   The path is sometimes rough on our paws, but always worth it.  Together we can enhance our lives and honor our Healthy Pets.