Healing Pets Meditation

Balance between opening your heart and accepting your limitations facilitates healing. The balance of the two allows you to love, without feeling overwhelmed and unable to cope because of that caring. Meditation can help quiet your mind and bring you peace and clarity, as you heal with your pet.  You can make it part of your daily routine and use it in any moment that fear or anxiety arises.

Pets Share a Message for their Grieving Family.

Meditation Guidelines

Take a comfortable position, sitting or lying down. Gently close your eyes.  Take a few deep soft breaths and let your body settle. Imagine yourself in a peaceful setting. Bring your attention to your breath and begin to silently repeat your chosen phrase (see Healing Phrases below) in rhythm with your breath. If you prefer, settle your attention on the phrase, without the anchor of your breath. Feel the meaning of what you are saying without trying to force anything. Notice your mind starting to clear. Let the process carry you along. Whenever you feel ready, gently open your eyes and express Gratitude for the gifts that your pet has brought you.

Healing Phrases

Choose a Healing Phrase from those below (you can change it in any way) that has meaning to you or create your own. Follow the Meditation Guidelines above with the phrase that you select.

“I accept any anger, fear or sadness that may arise and I know that my heart is not limited by these emotions.”

“I am filled with compassion and kindness for myself and my pet.”

“I release any self-blame related to actions taken or things not done; there is nothing to forgive.”

“If I get quiet inside and listen with my heart, the answers will come to me.”

“I offer my love and care freely, with the understanding that I cannot control the outcome.”

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