Escape to Rockaway

Jill’s Healing Wave

Escape to Rockaway

By Jill Lauri

When I escaped to Rockaway ten years ago, I was running for my life – not from a husband, a boyfriend or even a casual fling. My worst nightmare was my landlord of nine years who went “off the deep end.”

One night he came into my apartment and threatened to kill me. His words and demeanor chilled me to the bone, as I recognized battering behavior from stories shared by clients experiencing domestic violence. My body was trembling, but I looked him in the eyes and called the police. That was the first of many 911 calls to come.

I thought about asking the neighborhood tough guys for help. The leader of their pack had told me to let him know if I ever needed anything. I was not sure if they would talk to my landlord or hurt him, so I decided to handle it myself.

Each time my lawyer took action against him, he retaliated. My electricity and phone line went dead often. This continued for months. His behavior was irrational and escalating. As my fear swelled, I cared less and less if he ended up on the bottom of the East River.

Then one night he crossed the “legal line” and hit me. Riding a tidal wave of adrenaline, I had him arrested, filed an order of protection and disappeared. Accompanying me was my constant shadow -“terror.”  

When I calmed down enough to look for my new home, the word “Rockaway” came to mind. I was grateful to find my “dream bungalow” across from the ocean. It was the perfect place to camouflage in the sand and heal.

I wondered why the “landlord tsunami” had barreled in ripping apart my life, until I heard through the grapevine that his wife gave birth to twin girls. The man I knew was arrogant, abusive and contemptuous of the female spirit. After being arrested, jeopardizing his citizenship, losing thousands of dollars in rent, and spending thousands more on legal fees, I imagine that he became more humble, compassionate and respectful of the “divine feminine” – the Daddy my two “spiritual daughters” deserve.

My journey to Rockaway was by grand design – Mother Nature’s gift to me and her “twin flames.” Letting go and practicing forgiveness have brought me a sense of serenity. Creating a stream of tranquility in stormy seas requires daily laps and so my paddle towards peace and freedom continues. I invite you to drop in and “Ride the Healing Wave” with me.

Jill Lauri is a Social Worker, Spiritual Coach and Animal Communicator. She has taught Spirituality  & Healing at the Silberman School of Social Work. Jill integrates her understanding of Spiritual Principles and Animal/Nature Wisdom into her work with clients. You can learn more about her approach to healing at

* This Article appeared in The Wave Newspaper on Friday, August 3, 2018.