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Mother Nature has Wisdom to Share with us

Learn from Mother Nature’s Wisdom

“Mother’s Wisdom”


Live in the Moment like the Whales

Live in the Moment like the Whales


“A Whale’s View”

Dolphin shares message with Animal Communicator

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Whale and Dolphin Message

While I was swimming in the ocean, 2 whales jumped out of the water in front of me.  In that moment,  I understood the whale & dolphin message. We can all learn from the wisdom they shared.  I urge you to take their ideas to heart.

“One of the lessons from Hurricane Sandy is that we are all interconnected. This does not just apply to you and me, but also to the amazing creatures that swim the ocean. The whale and dolphin visits in the waters off Rockaway have swelled my curiosity.  Many have attributed their presence to the migration of fish.  As an Animal Intuitive  and Healer, I offer you another possibility.”

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Cat Behavior in Outdoor Cats

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TNR Journey

Cats share Animal Wisdom on their own terms.  They have taught me to embrace TNR (Trap-Neuter-Return).  I think that it is in the best interest of feral cats and their human neighbors.

“When I was a little girl, my mother told me not to feed the stray cats because they would keep coming back for food. I grew up in Canarsie and while things sometimes got a bit wild, it was far from jungle terrain and certainly not a natural habitat for cats.  What I could not understand was how the cats were supposed to eat if no one fed them.”

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Respect For All Beings Needed

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While I Communicate with Animals, there are Many who Speak Out for Them.

Fighting For Animal Rights

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