Health Issues

Health Issues

Health is the body’s natural state. Disease is a sign that it is in a place of dis-ease. This offers the opportunity to re-balance and restore the body to it’s optimal equilibrium. This is “Healing”.

When faced with health issues, it can feel scary to decide which healing methods to use. Knowing when to act and when to allow your pet to heal naturally can feel confusing. People sometimes need guidance so that they can make these decisions from a place of clarity.

The bond with our pets is so powerful that it creates a “Healing Dyad”.  This dyad allows for deep healing, in us and our pets. An attitude of acceptance amplifies healing.  cceptance is not the same as giving up. It is “being with” current conditions and trusting that the highest good will be served. This is faith at it’s best.


Healing can mean many things and may not come in the form that we expect. Sometimes we focus on health issues without considering the bigger picture. There may be a deeper “wound” that cries out to be healed. We nurture healing when we open to possibilities, without attachment to any particular outcome. 

On the road to healing, you may experience a “Healing Crisis” with your pet. The symptoms may worsen before they subside. This can be alarming, so it is important to stay grounded. Meditation can keep you calm and centered. You may also find it comforting to talk to a professional who can support you through this process.

Holistic Approach to Health Issues
Cat heals from her health issues
Healing Mind, Body & Spirit

The mind, body and spirit are all interconnected. In response to a physical symptom, people often focus on the body and exclude the other two factors. When the symptom disappears, the underlying issue may manifest in a new way. 

True healing arises when we attend to the mind, body and spirit. Jill can help you understand how the three interact. By applying this insight, you can move to a state of true healing with your pet.

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