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Healing With Jessie

Jessie is a Cat with a Sense of Humor


Early one morning, 17 years ago, Jessie was born in my bed. A beautiful Orange Tabby named Destiny gave birth to 4 kittens before Jessie jumped out. He wants to make it perfectly clear that he was not “the runt of the litter.” Jessie has always had a great sense of humor and an ability to make me laugh. He was destined to be my guide.


Healing With The Bears


By Jill Lauri

Notthing like the slumber of a BearThis winter I hibernated with the Bears. Perhaps not in the way you might be imagining. So let me take a step back and explain.

Sometime in January, I found myself feeling low in energy. I was fighting myself to get out of bed in the morning. My focus was on all the things I needed to do. So each morning, I forced myself to get up and out of bed, while my body clearly had other ideas. By March, the lethargy was laced with self-judgement and doubt.