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Healing With Jessie

Jessie is a Cat with a Sense of Humor


Early one morning, 17 years ago, Jessie was born in my bed. A beautiful Orange Tabby named Destiny gave birth to 4 kittens before Jessie jumped out. He wants to make it perfectly clear that he was not “the runt of the litter.” Jessie has always had a great sense of humor and an ability to make me laugh. He was destined to be my guide.


Healing With The Birds

Birds Celebrating and Valuing Life

Last Sunday was a perfect day to kayak on Jamaica Bay. The sky was clear, the water was calm and the birds were celebrating life.  When we went ashore across the bay, I felt myself drawn to a flock of white birds out on the water. In that moment, I remembered what one of my spiritual teachers had once told me. While I cannot recall the actual quote, the idea was that when you are at a place of peace within, animals sense this and feel completely safe in your presence.


Healing With The Bears


By Jill Lauri

Notthing like the slumber of a BearThis winter I hibernated with the Bears. Perhaps not in the way you might be imagining. So let me take a step back and explain.

Sometime in January, I found myself feeling low in energy. I was fighting myself to get out of bed in the morning. My focus was on all the things I needed to do. So each morning, I forced myself to get up and out of bed, while my body clearly had other ideas. By March, the lethargy was laced with self-judgement and doubt.


Healing With A Vote


Written by Jill Lauri

NYC Council Bans Wild and Exotic Animals from Circuses
Free At Last

Last week’s Vote by the NYC Council to pass Intro.1233-A, banning Wild and Exotic Animals from Circuses in NYC, did not go unnoticed by the Animal Kingdom. They send us a Roaring Paws Up!  It is a big leap towards acknowledging that Animals have a right to live free of abuse. This has ramifications for Animals, Humans, and our Planet.


Healing With Our Environment



Together we can Save Our Environment


On this stormy day in Rockaway, the Animals have a message to share about Healing With Our Environment. They want to remind us that we are all interconnected at the deepest level. The Animals urge us to take a step back – to look around and see what we have created – the large harsh footprints that we have left on the Earth.


Healing With A Roar


Lions deserve to Live Free from Captivity and Abuse
King of the Jungle


Animals can Heal us in many ways. Sometimes it is the animals that we call our pets who challenge us to be our best. Other times it is those we see from a distance, who offer us the potential for Growth and Healing. In that spirit, let me introduce you to a particular group of animals.


Healing With Self-Compassion


My beloved cat, Frankie, passed over several months ago.  While I felt sad at the time and continued to grieve his loss, I was comforted that he passed peacefully at home surrounded by the beings that he loved most.   I was not ready to place his photo on my dresser beside the pictures of pets who previously passed on, yet it felt like his death as his life, unfolded just as it was meant to.  He had a long full life and had recovered from numerous illnesses along the way.  One time in particular, he literally died and came back to life in my arms.