Behavioral Concerns

Response to Behavioral Concerns
Dog elicits behavioral concerns in guardian
Safe & Sound

Pets have feelings and preferences. They may act out to get their needs met and communicate with us. This can cause behavioral concerns and become a source of frustration and distress. We may get so caught up in these emotions that we miss the message and close off to the potential for change.

Another reaction is to take a few deep breaths and get curious. Meditation can help you get there. You will be in a better place to explore and understand the communication from your pet. Since you are so close to her (him), it can help to work with a professional who can assess your behavioral concerns with skill and objectivity.

There is no judgment here, merely an attempt to understand. You are not to blame for your impact on your pet. You were coupled with him (her) by design, so each of you can heal. Compassion for your pet and for yourself will support you both as you heal together. 

Potential for Change

We are joined with our pets, so that we can grow and heal with them in complementary  ways. Behavioral concerns offer an opportunity for us and our pets. You may want to take a look at yourself, your pet, and the relationship to understand your pet’s behavior.  

For example, if you carry a sense of fear inside, your pet may show fear based behavior.  You may not even be aware of your fear until your pet displays the symptoms. With this knowledge, you can take action to heal the fear within you and your pet.

Issues like dog anxiety and unusual cat behavior can be understood by looking at the relationship between you and your pet, as well. Since your issues are intertwined with those of your pet, it can be challenging to sort it out on your own. Jill is experienced at uncovering these dynamics and helping to shift them.

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